Premium Business Management System
​​​​​​​for Bouldering Gyms

WiseGym Vertical - Our All-in-One system provides revolutionary tools that empower your growing business.


Save Time

Our All-in-One system eliminates the need for APIs, eliminates the hassle of remembering 10 different usernames and passwords, and eliminates the time wasted on exporting and importing data. Say goodbye to wasted time and streamline your processes with our system!​​​​​​​

Efficiently manage your entire business online with a CRM-driven system.​​​​​​​

Grow Your Revenues

By combining CRM, marketing, and sales with automation, we can increase your revenue potential. With relevant content tailored to specific customer segments, we'll work together to set up the system and enjoy the ride to success!​​​​​​​

Upgrade Your
​​​​​​​Customer Path

Linking eCommerce, mobile apps, and access control creates a powerful combination. Empower your customers with a seamless user interface for an enhanced customer experience.​​​​​​​

Digitalize Your Business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? It's time to digitalize! Our All-in-One system will help you streamline your operations, boost productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. With easy access to data and analytics, you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Don't get left behind – let us help you digitalize your business today!



What our customers say

"We started planning a climbing and yoga center in the summer of 2020, and from the beginning, it was clear that we wanted a domestic and functional system.

From WiseGym, we found almost everything we needed directly in their product range. Their active and knowledgeable staff, especially their support system, have been invaluable. Everything doesn't always go as planned, but with good customer service and understanding, we've managed to sort out all issues. Thanks to the entire team."

Väki - Climbing and Yoga Center
Antti Väisänen and Natalia Kiuru



Joni Meskanen

+358 50 5389512

WiseGym Vertical - All Tools


  • WiseRoles - Role management for different user rights
  • WiseSign - Digital signature
  • WiseTags - Automatic segmentation of customers
  • WiseActivities - Customer activity history
  • WiseAssigments - Tasks and work lists for organization members
  • WiseCalendar - Work calendar for internal use of the organization


  • WiseWebsite - Branded Website and Subsites
    • Website Menu Management
    • Website Banner Management
    • Landing pages for custom offers
    • On Demand Content
  • WiseIntra - Solutions for internal communication


  • WiseMail - E-mails and newsletters
    • Automatic e-mailing lists
    • Unsubscription groups
  • WiseEvent - Event management
    • Recurring events
    • Event invitations and reminders
    • Event registrations and CRM update based on them
  • WiseVenues - Venue management
  • WiseSurvey - Forms and surveys
    • Automation for sales processes
    • Orders automatically from forms
    • Automation of customer segmentation from questionnaires
    • E-mail notifications to the survey respondent or a member of your own organization
    • Update of CRM data from survey respondents
    • Survey responses dashboard
    • Processing survey responses
  • WiseAD - Ad management
  • WiseApp - Mobile Application
    • Mobile Access Card
    • Event registrations
    • News feed
    • Push notifications
    • Managing your own customer profile (contact information, user information, contracts, payment cards)
    • Contact to customer service​​​​​​​



  • WisePDM - Product management of all sales
    • Sales data accounting
    • Automation of customer segmentation
    • Access rights based on purchase
  • WiseDeal - From quotation to contract
    • From offer to order/contract
    • Digital signature
    • Automated invoicing / Recurring card payments
  • WiseEcommerce - B2C online stores
  • WiseReserve - Spesific reservation systems for different industries
  • WisePOS - Point of Sales applications
    • In addition to new sales, paying orders/contracts to the cashier
    • Entry of access rights/visits to the cash register
    • Fully customizable checkout counters
    • POS suitable for mobile devices
    • Receipt printer integration
  • WiseTicket - Own ticket shop of the event operator
  • WiseLeads - Sales Funnel for Sales activities

WiseAutomation (Q3/2023)

  • WiseAutomation Manager - Automation management
  • WiseAutomation Flow - Automation flow: campaigns, loyalty program


  • WiseInvoice - Automatic invoicing and sales ledger
  • WiseBill - Purchase invoices and ledger (in Selected Countries)
  • WiseNote - Receipt management (in Selected Countries)
  • WiseAccounting - Automated accounting (in Selected Countries)


  • WiseWork - Work and Travel monitoring (Q3/2023 in Selected Countries)
  • WiseProject - Project monitoring (Q3/2023 in Selected Countries)
  • WiseHR - Human Resources (in Selected Countries)
  • WisePay - Salary system (in Selected Countries)


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