WiseEvent System for Event organizations

WiseEvent is all in one CRM system customised for the event industry. WiseEvent consists of the WisePlatform business system, to which event solutions have been added. Website, administration, marketing, sales and financial management tools can be easily reached in all in one system, with same logic and same username.

​​​​​​​Marketing and Communication Tools

In WiseEvent, CRM has full control of the system. Content is easily segmented for delivery through different channels only to the desired target groups. This facilitates communication with customers and other stakeholders. Created content is saved into the Content Management System, from which it can be distributed to websites, newsletters, or social media with a few clicks.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


WiseCRM is the most important driver of the whole system. CRM drives and triggers all of the other functions and modules within the system.

  • WiseRoles - Role management for different user rights
  • WiseManagement - Share register, Board of Directors, Annual General Meeting
  • WiseSign - Digital signature
  • WiseLeads - Sales Lead development


CMS provides you with tools to create modern elements and structures, highlight surveys and other forms or - most importantly lead the customer to the web shop easier than ever before.

  • WiseWebsite - Website and Subsites
  • WiseIntra - Internal communication
  • WiseSome - Integrating Social Media​​​​​​​


Comprehensive marketing tools for all your communication needs. Create material, distribute it to the right audiences, and track results.

  • WiseMail - Emails and newsletters
  • WiseEvent - Managing all events
  • WiseSurvey - Forms, competitions, customer surveys
  • WiseInfoTV - Linking any screen to the CMS system
  • WiseAD - Ad management
  • WiseEvent App - Mobile App​​​​​​​

Tools for Sales and Financial Management

All processes become more efficient when having all tools in one system. Different sales channels (e-commerce, booking system, POS and contract management) use the same product management and stock in order to keep inventory balance up to date. All sales data is automatically steered to correct accounts. With the help of the bank connections, account transactions are also entered in the system easily and in real time.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


    Powerful sales tools helping your business to grow. Sales are automatically and up-to-date transferred to accounting.

    • WisePDM - Product management of all sales
    • WiseDeal - From quotation to contract
    • WiseEcommerce - B2B & B2C online stores
    • WiseReserve - Space booking for facilities etc.
    • WisePOS - Point of Sales applications
    • WiseTicket - Ticket store in your own system
    • WiseCRD - Access control


    Monitoring work and travel times and different projects, which is programmed to WisePay salary system. Product development completed Q4/2022 in selected countries.​​​​​​​

    • WiseWork - Monitoring work and travel times
    • WiseProject - Project monitoring
    • WiseHR - Human Resources
    • WisePay - Salary system


    Real-time financial management tools ensure that up-to-date financial information is always there to support your decision making.

    • WiseInvoice - Automatic invoicing and sales ledger
    • WiseBill - Purchase invoices and ledger
    • WiseNote -Receipt management
    • WiseAccounting - Automated accounting​​​​​​​



    Industry-specific solutions for Event organizations, sport clubs and restaurants.

    Take control of your customerships
    The customer data is always available and up to date for the benefit of your company. Various lists and reports can be easily created and examined. WiseEvent enables you to plan and control your sales. Sales funnel stays organized and you stay in charge of monitoring your sales. Prioritising matters becomes justifiable as the data can be found from your CRM.

    Ticket sales
    WiseTicket is a ticket store for an event organization, which is found in your own system. Sell tickets to your events with success and ease without outside middlemans.

    Booking and selling time and place
    Time and place reservations (conference rooms, sports halls, suites, etc.) operate in a CRM-controlled system - CRM determines whether the reservation right is included in the customership or whether payment is required in the online store. In addition, the CRM manages all access rights on doors, gates, etc. based on the reservation.​​​​​​​

    Cash register application
    ​​​​​​​Kassasovellus (WisePOS) on tabletissa ja läppärissä toimiva kassajärjestelmä. Eri toimipisteille räätälöidään tuotehallinnon avulla omat kassapöydät. Data siirtyy automaattisesti kirjanpitoon omille tileilleen.

    Event analytics
    Tracking key figures in event activity with both one-dash dashboards and deeper bite reports.


    Why ​​​​​​​WiseEvent?

    ✔️A truly agile cloud system

    In the WisePlatform system, all functionalities are seamlessly integrated, creating a unified family of tools that allow you to manage your entire business from a single, user-friendly interface. Our cloud-based service means there's no need for local installations - simply access all the tools you need through your internet browser.

    ✔️ CRM driven

    In WisePlatform, WiseCRM is the backbone of the system, controlling all other tools. It securely stores and manages customer information and activities, allowing other system tools to make data-driven decisions. All data processing and storage are compliant with GDPR regulations, ensuring the highest level of data privacy and security for your customers.

    ✔️ Transparent costs

    With the WisePlatform system, you can be assured that there are no hidden costs, as everything is transparent. The system is designed to not only save costs but also create new revenue streams for your business. Our ultimate goal is to help your business increase profits and achieve greater success.

    ✔️ Complete industry-specific cloud system

    WisePlatform's industry-specific solutions are holistic entities that are implemented with customer-selected functionalities and visualized with the customer's graphical look. The implementation process is straightforward, and our team of experts in the gym, golf, or event industry will be there to assist you every step of the way.

    ✔️ Duplicate work is removed

    All data in WisePlatform is stored only once: content, contacts, products, offers, contracts, chart of accounts, and more. With the automatic push of financial data into the accounting application, the system streamlines accounting processes and significantly reduces traditional accounting workload.

    ✔️ Innovative approach

    WiseNetwork's customers are part of a collaborative development network, where product development is tailored to specific industries. The system is constantly updated with new features on a monthly basis, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest solutions.

    ✔️ Increased efficiency and competitiveness through automation

    We automate routine tasks, freeing up your time and energy for the things that truly matter. With WiseGym, you no longer have to worry about invoicing, purchase and sales ledger management - the system takes care of it all. This allows you to focus on your competitive advantage and grow your business. Use your newfound time for brand and business development, creating engaging content, and improving the customer experience. Let WiseGym handle the rest.