WiseGym Wellness

Introducing WiseGym - the ultimate All-in-One business management system designed specifically for gyms and sports centers.

With WiseGym, you can take your business to new heights with revolutionary tools that empower your growing business. From streamlined customer management to automated billing and financial reporting, WiseGym gives you the tools you need to take your gym to the next level. Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks and hello to increased efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.



Save Time

WiseGym takes care of your day-to-day tasks, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional customer service that keeps your members coming back.​​​​​​​

Our All-in-One system not only saves you time but also enhances the customer experience with seamless and instantaneous service.

Grow Your Revenues

With our in-built CRM system, WiseGym tracks every customer action to better segment and understand them. This leads to more personalized and relevant content, resulting in increased sales. Our automations not only boost new customer sales but also improve member retention, making sure that your gym business grows stronger every day.​​​​​​​

Upgrade Your
​​​​​​​Customer Path

Unlock the full potential of your gym with WiseGym! Purchases made from any sales channel are instantly processed and automatically generated access and booking rights can be used directly from our user-friendly mobile app or with traditional gym card. Experience the ease and efficiency of WiseGym and take your gym to the next level!

Digitalize Your Business

With our contract management system, enhanced by fully automated recurring card payment feature, you can ensure a steady and reliable cash flow for your business.

WiseGym sales funnels enable the easy management and monitoring of all personal sales activities, streamlining both corporate and group sales processes.

What our customers say

"Using the system has made our operations easier in many ways. Today, we wouldn't exchange WiseGym for any other system at any price.

Thank you for developing the system at an incredible pace! The webinars have been super interesting, and the help center is excellent. We have used it a lot and found help for our questions.

However, the biggest thanks go to customer service. From the customer's perspective, support is one of the most important aspects, and it has taken a huge leap forward in the past couple of years. You have found great people for your team. Your customer service spirit is more than on point!

Thanks to your team!"

Liikuntakeskus Core (Sports center)
Sanna Halonen

​​​​​​​WiseGym - All Tools & Pricing

Monthly SaaS-price

800€ for the first gym

+ 500€ per additional gym under same brand
+ 50€ per controlled door/gate *

Onboarding price **

3200€ for the first gym

+ 1600€ per additional gym under same brand

* If doors or gates are connected to access control
** One time payment


  • WiseRoles - Role management for different user rights
  • WiseSign - Digital signature
  • WiseTags - Automatic segmentation of customers
  • WiseActivities - Customer activity history
  • WiseAssigments - Tasks and work lists for organization members
  • WiseCalendar - Work calendar for internal use of the organization


  • WiseWebsite - Branded Website and Subsites
    • Website Menu Management
    • Website Banner Management
    • Landing pages for custom offers
    • On Demand Content
  • WiseIntra - Solutions for internal communication


  • WiseMail - E-mails and newsletters
    • Automatic e-mailing lists
    • Unsubscription groups
  • WiseEvent - Event management
    • Recurring events
    • Event invitations and reminders
    • Event registrations and CRM update based on them
  • WiseVenues - Venue management
  • WiseSurvey - Forms and surveys
    • Automation for sales processes
    • Orders automatically from forms
    • Automation of customer segmentation from questionnaires
    • E-mail notifications to the survey respondent or a member of your own organization
    • Update of CRM data from survey respondents
    • Survey responses dashboard
    • Processing survey responses
  • WiseAD - Ad management
  • WiseApp - Mobile Application
    • Mobile Access Card
    • Event registrations
    • News feed
    • Push notifications
    • Managing your own customer profile (contact information, user information, contracts, payment cards)
    • Contact to customer service


  • WisePDM - Product management of all sales
    • Sales data accounting
    • Automation of customer segmentation
    • Access rights based on purchase
  • WiseDeal - From quotation to contract
    • From offer to order/contract
    • Digital signature
    • Automated invoicing / Recurring card payments
  • WiseEcommerce - B2C online stores
  • WiseReserve - Spesific reservation systems for different industries
  • WisePOS - Point of Sales applications
    • In addition to new sales, paying orders/contracts to the cashier
    • Entry of access rights/visits to the cash register
    • Fully customizable checkout counters
    • POS suitable for mobile devices
    • Receipt printer integration
  • WiseTicket - Own ticket shop of the event operator
  • WiseLeads - Sales Funnel for Sales activities


  • WiseCheck-In - Check-in customers via POS
  • WiseMobileCheck-In - Check-in via WiseApp
    • ​​​​​​​A customer can check-in via WiseApp and open a door or a gate
    • A customer can enroll for an event or gym class via WiseApp

WiseAutomation (Q1/2024)

  • WiseAutomation Manager - Automation management
  • WiseAutomation Flow - Automation flow: campaigns, loyalty program


  • WiseInvoice - Automatic invoicing and sales ledger
  • WiseBill - Purchase invoices and ledger (in Selected Countries)
  • WiseNote - Receipt management (in Selected Countries)
  • WiseAccounting - Automated accounting (in Selected Countries)


  • WiseWork - Work and Travel monitoring (Q1/2024 in Selected Countries)
  • WiseProject - Project monitoring (Q1/2024 in Selected Countries)
  • WiseHR - Human Resources (in Selected Countries)
  • WisePay - Salary system (in Selected Countries)

Don't settle for an ordinary management system - choose WiseGym for the premium solution your gym deserves.


(Germany, Austria, Switzerland)​​​​​​​

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Joni Meskanen

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Jose Laaksonen

COO / WiseEvent
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