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​​​​​WiseEvent Racket Club - the Ultimate All-in-One
Business Management System for Racket Clubs

Are You Struggling With...

Post-its and Excel sheets?

multiple software solutions to manage reservations, memberships, tickets, courses, café services, and sales of clothes and accessories?

Wouldn’t it be nice to use one software instead of ten?

Administrative burden

of manually generating invoices for members with recurring bookings?

CRM that is not on sync

CRM synced with reservations? What about access control and lightning?

Wouldn’t it be great to have them all work together?

​​​​​​​Introducing WiseEvent Racket Club

Premium business management system designed specifically for staff running a racket club.

CRM-driven WiseEvent Racket Club gathers all your tasks and data into one place. This means no more post-it notes, Excel sheets, or software jungles to work with.

No coding, integrations or APIs. It’s all built ready to use, and you don’t need to worry about syncing.

Less time juggling the software means more time developing your sales and business. Your future.


​​​​​​​The Power of All-in-One CRM

In a CRM system where marketing, sales, and management tools are built-in tools,
​​​​​​​all processes become more efficient.


Multiple software solutions
Data in 100 different platforms
Mistakes caused by manual work


Data in one platform
Growth opportunities
Increased sales
Happier customers

Boost Your Sales and Create Happier Customers

Booking and selling time

and place online

Members can effortlessly reserve courts and manage their bookings with just a few clicks, optimizing court use and ensuring members can come and play whenever they want. Not only does this make members happier and help manage the club better, but it also leads to more earnings by using courts more effectively.​​​​​​​

Built-in Access Control​​​​​​​

WiseEvent Racket Club can be used with doors and gates linked to the system, offering a modern way of access control. This eliminates the need for customers to go through the service counter, reduces staff workload, and allows your racket club to potentially increase sales by extending operating hours.​​​​​​​

Built-in light control​​​​​​​

The system automatically controls lighting based on bookings, turning lights on shortly before and off shortly after booked slots, preventing unpaid use. It ensures no wasted electricity on unbooked days, and eliminates manual light management. Ideal for staff-less cold halls, it also supports maintenance and cleaning with a dedicated reservation view for timed lighting, simplifying their tasks.


POS application with a feature for unpaid reservations

The cash register application (WisePOS) works on tablets and laptops as a point-of-sale system. Custom cash desks are tailored for different locations through product management. Data is automatically transferred to accounting on its own accounts.​​​​​​​

Mass invoicing for recurring reservations

Mass invoicing from the reservations tab simplifies billing for all using a reservation system, whether payments are made in-person or online. It efficiently consolidates receivables and organizes invoices by company and then by individual, grouping a customer's reservations into a single invoice.​​​​​​​

Brands that trust WiseEvent Racket Club

We create premium, industry-specific all-in-one CRM business systems. Our solutions are always developed in collaboration with industry experts and our customers.

​​​​​​​What Makes WiseEvent Racket Club Different


WiseEvent Racket Club is the only operational management system designed specifically for racket clubs. It gathers websites, marketing, sales, and financial management tools into a single CRM system, offering tailored solutions for the unique needs of racket clubs. With WiseEvent Racket Club, you have everything you need to run your business. All tools are developed by us, WiseNetwork, so you don’t have to worry about integrations ever again.

And the development continues. This means all of our customers systems are always up to date, yet never finished - because we want you to stay ahead with WiseEvent Racket Club.


Premium CRM with industry-specific tools

  • Booking and selling time and place online

  • Mass generating invoices for recurring reservations

  • POS application with a feature for unpaid reservations

  • Build-in access control

  • Build-in light control



Built-in Tools You Need to Grow Your Racket Club Business


  • WiseRoles - Role management for different user rights
  • WiseSign - Digital signature
  • WiseTags - Automatic segmentation of customers
  • WiseActivities - Customer activity history
  • WiseAssigments - Tasks and work lists for organization members
  • WiseCalendar - Work calendar for internal use of the organization


  • WiseWebsite - Branded Website and Subsites
    • Website Menu Management
    • Website Banner Management
    • Landing pages for custom offers
    • On Demand Content
  • WiseIntra - Solutions for internal communication


    • WisePDM - Product management of all sales
      • Sales data accounting
      • Automation of customer segmentation
      • Access rights based on purchase
    • WiseDeal - From quotation to contract
      • From offer to order/contract
      • Digital signature
      • Automated invoicing / Recurring card payments
    • WiseEcommerce - B2C online stores
    • WiseReserve - Spesific reservation systems for different industries
    • WisePOS - Point of Sales applications
      • In addition to new sales, paying orders/contracts to the cashier
      • Entry of access rights/visits to the cash register
      • Fully customizable checkout counters
      • POS suitable for mobile devices
      • Receipt printer integration
    • WiseTicket - Own ticket shop of the event operator
    • WiseLeads - Sales Funnel for Sales activities


    • WiseMail - E-mails and newsletters
      • Automatic e-mailing lists
      • Unsubscription groups
    • WiseEvent - Event management
      • Recurring events
      • Event invitations and reminders
      • Event registrations and CRM update based on them
    • WiseVenues - Venue management
    • WiseSurvey - Forms and surveys
      • Automation for sales processes
      • Orders automatically from forms
      • Automation of customer segmentation from questionnaires
      • E-mail notifications to the survey respondent or a member of your own organization
      • Update of CRM data from survey respondents
      • Survey responses dashboard
      • Processing survey responses
    • WiseAD - Ad management
    • WiseApp - Mobile Application
      • Mobile Access Card
      • Event registrations
      • News feed
      • Push notifications
      • Managing your own customer profile (contact information, user information, contracts, payment cards)
      • Contact to customer service


    • WiseCheck-In - Check-in customers via POS
    • WiseMobileCheck-In - Check-in via WiseApp
      • A customer can check-in via WiseApp and open a door or a gate
      • A customer can enroll for an event or gym class via WiseApp

    WiseAutomation (Q1/2024)

    • WiseAutomation Manager - Automation management
    • WiseAutomation Flow - Automation flow: campaigns, loyalty program


    • WiseInvoice - Automatic invoicing and sales ledger
    • WiseBill - Purchase invoices and ledger (in Selected Countries)
    • WiseNote - Receipt management (in Selected Countries)
    • WiseAccounting - Automated accounting (in Selected Countries)


    • WiseWork - Work and Travel monitoring (Q1/2024 in Selected Countries)
    • WiseProject - Project monitoring (Q1/2024 in Selected Countries)
    • WiseHR - Human Resources (in Selected Countries)
    • WisePay - Salary system (in Selected Countries)

    Don't Settle for an Ordinary Management System - Choose WiseEvent RacketClub for the Premium Solution your Gym Deserves


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